Spring 2011 Newsletter

Dear Customers,

The arrival of Spring and warmer weather brings a welcome change in anticipation of the beautiful season ahead. In the courier business, consistent service dependability is important, no matter what the temperature is outside. We appreciate your business and hope you enjoy reading this newsletter filled with a little something of interest for everyone!

~ Diane Smith, CEO Runners, Inc.



On March 1, 2011, we launched a BIG contest for our customers and potential customers to win a 10-inch ACER NETBOOK. If you’re not familiar with how a Netbook can be used, here are a few ways:
~ Access email, browse favorite websites and online activities wherever you are.
~ Get optimal web browsing for Internet productivity while you’re on-the-go (with 4 hours of battery life).

If you haven’t had a chance to enter our contest yet, (it ends on May 31, 2011), you may want to take a moment to do that now. Existing customers can get more than one chance to have their name submitted simply by referring a potential customer.

Visit our website to enter the contest: www.runnersinc.com



Snow, sleet, rain, hail or deer can’t stop our drivers when they’re providing pick-up and delivery services. This past December, Alfred Koroma, one of our drivers was en-route with a DIRECT RUSH DELIVERY (pick-up and deliver ASAP, non-stop, within 60-90 minutes). Without any warning, a deer jumped on his car, broke the front windshield and smashed the roof in. A shaken Alfred immediately
alerted Runners’ dispatcher about the accident since he was unable to continue with the delivery. When we asked Alfred if he could tell us what it felt like when the deer hit his car he said: “I didn’t know what hit me since I never saw the deer until it landed on my car. I was very upset but able to keep control of my car and get it to the curb before stopping. I was very lucky to escape unharmed.” Another driver was quickly dispatched to pick up the package and the interrupted delivery was made only a few minutes later than promised!


Pay attention to Deer Crossing signs.
Deer travel in small groups and tend to use the same paths. Even if you’re aware of the following hints and tips to avoid hitting a deer, it may be helpful to read them again as a safety reminder:

  1. Be aware of the deer population in places you normally drive; consider using alternate roads during prime deer activity time (evenings and early morning).
  2. Avoid roads in heavily forested areas, or with brush close to the side of the road.
  3. Lower your speed while driving in areas with deer to provide more reaction time for both you and the deer.
  4. Honking at deer could scare them away.
  5. When there is no oncoming traffic, use high beam headlights to see further ahead.

Unfortunately, if a collision with a deer can’t be safely avoided, it is probably better to hit the deer, than risk swerving into another lane of traffic or losing control of your vehicle.



Complete an order in a few E-A-S-Y clicks!

We’re always thinking of ways to help our customers. If you haven’t used our new ONLINE ORDER ENTRY feature yet, take a moment to experience how easy it is to use, plus discover ways it can help you save time….and we all know the value of savings! Not only do you have the convenience of placing orders online, but every time you submit an online order, you get another chance to win a pair of premium movie tickets. It’s our way of letting customers know we appreciate their business plus have fun along the way!


  • Real-time Internet order TRACKING at any time (no phone calls)
  • Reporting tools search for a specific order (with your service reference number)
  • View/download current and past Invoices (your accounts payable department will like this feature)
  • Management of your Address Book (see exactly where, when and which customers you deliver to)
  • Define your custom preferences profile

Register for ONLINE ORDER ENTRY by calling us at 301-948-7500.



“Being successful in a challenging economy means taking on tasks you might never have previously considered…..” is an excerpt from an article written by Diane Smith, CEO of Runners, Inc., that appeared in the January/February Courier Magazine.

This magazine is packed full of useful information to enhance a logistics operation. What does the industry forecast look like headed into 2011? Diane Smith answers all of your questions in addition to posing some to your company. Many courier operations need to think outside their normal services to be successful in the economy, according to Diane.

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