Dear Customers,

This newsletter may be a bit unusual from most. Part of the reason is the influence we had from our recent vacation to Prince Edward Island….a surprise trip I planned for Thor’s 50th birthday! Now that he’s back to work and totally refreshed, we’re ready to do whatever we can to help you enjoy the summer by providing you with services.

Diane Smith
Runners, Inc.





We Specialize in Doing the Unusual…..

Summer vacation can be a perfect time to call Runners, Inc. to talk about helping you when your staff is out or you simply don’t have enough time to get it all done. Not only do we offer routine courier/messenger, trucking and warehousing services, but we take pride in offering services that most courier companies can’t. In fact, most of our services were developed by our passion in helping customers.

There are very few requests that we can’t handle, including delivery of whatever you purchase (live lobsters too)! Some examples of our “unusual” services include:


  • Statewide transport of confidential scholastic tests
  • Office chair distribution for a major retailer
  • HVAC permit purchase and posting
  • Routine mail routes
  • Furniture and personal item summer storage for college students
  • Gourmet cake transport
  • Waiting in line for tickets
  • Office moves/relocations (we pack, transport and place furniture)
  • Babysitting (Just kidding….we wanted to see if you read this!)


Rolling Thunder

(Top left: Consitution Ave.parade of bikes; Top right: Boy waiting in the Pentagon parking Lot; Bottom left: Susan Cottrell, Business Development Consultant for Runners, Inc.; Bottom right: “Lone Marine” Tim Chambers)

You may have heard Rolling Thunder, especially if you’re in the vicinity of their parade route each year! Hearing the amazing roar of thousands of engines in unison is quite an experience. This annual Memorial Day demonstration routed through Washington, DC, seeks to improve veteran benefits, bring attention to POW/MIA issues and pay tribute to American war heroes.

This year, Susan Cottrell, Business Development Consultant for Runners, Inc. showed support by participating in the ride  along with her husband Bill, a veteran. To quote Susan, “I can’t wait to do this again next year. The wait is long, the ride short, but the incredible patriotic feeling that comes from participating and seeing the supporters can’t be described!” LONE MARINE Retired Marine Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers has stood, with a stiff spine and straight shoulders for more than three hours, at this annual post since 2002 as Rolling Thunder rumbles by. “It’s an extremely long time to hold a salute that long,” says Air Force Master Sergeant Russ Ware of Columbia, MD. “Takes a lot of determination and a lot of discipline.” (Read more: Lone Marine )












Netbook Contest winner, (right) Sylvia Duverger of
CPR Multimedia Solutions and (left) Thor Smith, President, Runners, Inc.

Calling All Customers

Over the past several years we have held monthly contests to make Online Order Entry more fun and have given away Starbucks (gift) cards and movie passes to reward loyal customers. In addition we’ve held random drawing contests to win an Acer Netbook and another contest to win a food gift certificate. We believe that having fun while doing business is important, but we want to hear from our customers to find out what you think about what we’re doing.

Does the opportunity to “win” a prize motivate you to use our services? Please send us a note to to let us know what you think and make some suggestions for future prizes.









Runners’ All-Star

Kevin Joyce’s career in logistics began as a teen while pedaling a bike for Central Delivery Service in Washington, D.C. Today he continues to deliver satisfaction to clients, though from a more elevated position than his early days on two wheels.

As operations manager for Runners, Inc., Kevin is the main point for Runners in working to meet and exceed client expectations. His keen understanding of customers’ needs and his commitment to helping others led to his nomination as one of the 2011 Courier Magazine All Stars. Not only does Kevin work long and hard at Runners, Inc. but he also finds time to Chair the Oriole Advocates Cardboard to Leather program to promote baseball and collect donated baseball equipment to support kids in need.









Year Old Boy ‘s Unbelievable Accomplishment

Michael Walter-Dillon loves to play baseball. So when the 9 year-old heard about children in other countries trying to play without bats, balls and gloves, it was hard for him to believe.

But Michael used his imagination to come up with a solution to help some of those underprivileged children get baseball equipment. He collected about 500 pounds of uniforms and  equipment…enough to equip 15 teams! Read more about Michael’s efforts to help the Oriole’s Advocates Cardboard-to-Leather Program, a charitable organization chaired by Kevin Joyce, Operations Manager for Runners, Inc.