Winter 2011 Newsletter

Dear Customers,
2011 was a very busy year for Runners, Inc. ~ we added new services, purchased equipment and ordered custom moving trucks to provide customers with the best services possible. In fact, we supported over 49,000 service deliveries and over 3,400 of these services were trucking services. We listen to what our customers say and are always willing to customize our services to meet unique requirements with affordable solutions.

During the coming year we expect to update the Runners, Inc. website to make it easier to navigate. As always, we enjoy hearing from our customers and encourage you to continue contacting us!

Diane Smith, CEO


Check Out Our “MUSCLES”

Strong muscles are important for truck drivers who handle moving jobs, but there are limitations in what can be safely lifted. We proudly announce that Runners, Inc. now has the ability to move heavy loads up to 1,200 lbs. up or down stairs with our new Escalera Electric Stairclimber (pictured on left).

This specialized piece of equipment can safely and easily move  copiers and other types of very heavy pieces on stairs where traditional means will not work. Give us a call to help you move those heavy items where you need them!


New Moving Trucks!!!

We are replacing two of our 24 foot box trucks with new trucks that are customized for moving services. The trucks will have side doors with easy access ramps and will be taller (102″ instead of 84″) so now we can transport bigger items. Our new electric stair climber is a perfect companion to help with moving over-sized and heavy items.



2011 Contests

Rewarding customer loyalty is important to us. Besides having fun giving things away, we like to make people happy! In 2011 we’ve had some interesting contests and given away these valuable prizes:

24 Movie Tickets: Two premier movie tickets awarded to Online Order Entry customers in a random monthly contest.

One Acer 10.1″ Netbook: We appreciate customer referrals and wanted to thank a loyal customer!

4 Redskin Tickets: A special one-time contest encouraging customers to sign-up for monthly emails and use Online Order Entry.

If you want to be hear about future contests and events, please signup for our emails.


NEW: Mechanical Permit Services!

We have been successful in this competitive business by our ability to offer customers more than just delivery services. This past summer we added a new capability to our constantly evolving cache of services.

We apply for mechanical permits, obtain them and post the permits at the installation sites. WHY? To help a national company save time when installing heating/air conditioning units in metropolitan Washington, DC. We get the paperwork, stand in line and do the running around so our customer just has to focus on getting new business and making the installation. Now that is E-A-S-Y!!!



National Institutes of Health: Our Blanket Purchase Agreement has been approved for renewal for the 4th consecutive year!

RAPIDGate: We now have drivers who have qualified for a RapidGate Pass that streamlines quick access at highly secure installations and facilities. The RAPIDGate Program provides a complete identification and access management solution by integrating registration, identity authentication, background screening, credentialing, and access management utilizing biometrics and reporting.

Existing Certifications / Licenses Include:

  • CAGE 1RQN1
  • Commonwealth of Virginia DBE #689135
  • Department of Transportation #0745120
  • Federal CCR / DUNS #795985175
  • Federal Employment Tax ID #52-1530258
  • Maryland Dept. of Transportation MBE/DBE #10-148
  • Maryland Tax ID #D02389328
  • Prince George’s County MBE #10-6397
  • Standard Carrier Alpha Code #RING
  • State of MD Business Certificate #R3969517
  • State of MD Local Small Business Reserve Program SB10-2191


Customer Comments!!

The best compliment we can receive is a referral from a satisfied customer. Here are a few customer compliments that we’d like to share with you:

“I am a detail-oriented person and very picky about timing since our customers are important to us. We’ve used other courier services in the past, and are very happy with the service provided by Runners, Inc. The information is relayed properly and I have confidence that my order will be taken care of exactly the way I want it.”

“Your service is amazing! The couriers are on time and professional.”

“We have been a satisfied customer for more than 10 years. Before Runners came knocking on our door we had been through several messenger services all with the same complaint…UNRELIABLE! We haven’t looked back since.”